BGRIM Boosts Commercial Production by 31% in Vietnam, Expecting High Growth in 2019


B.GRIMM Power PIc (BGRIM) has commenced commercial produced from its two large solar power schemes in Vietnam with a combined total installed capacity of 677 megawatts during June 3-13, 2019.

All of BGRIM’s solar projects in Vietnam were successfully synchronized with the grid of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the off-taker, on June 3 for DAU TIENG 1, June 10 for Phu Yen TTP and June 13 for DAU TIENG 2.

Moreover, K.Preeyanard Soontornwata, BGRIM CEO said, “It is a successful startup, right on time, to herald a new era for renewal energy scene in Vietnam and represents a new significant revenue stream for BGRIM.”

At the feed-in-tariff of 9.35 US cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the two solar Photovoltaic ventures will provide steedy power sales revenue to BRIM over the next 20 years. The commencerman of the two solar PV projects lifts BGRIM’s total installed generating capacity of 2,892MW.

BGRIM’s power hours currently in production include 17 thermal, 24 solar, three hydropower and one diesel.

Additionally, BGRIM has 11 power projects under constraction and development which will raise BGRIM’s total generating portfolio to 3,245 MW in 2022. Currently, BGRIM is actively pursuing expand investment opportunities both at home and abroad to archieve its mission to grow its portfolio to 5,000 MW in 2022.

BGRIM was mandated by the Vietnamese government to explore additional renewable energy investment projects. Under constraction is investment in several wind power projects in Vietnam which are expected to be finalised by this year-end. Moreover, BGRIM has joined hands with allience partners to study the feasibility of investing in many projects in South Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, both in the form of creating greenfield projects and acquisitions.


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