In the afternoon of 26 November 2021, within the framework of the Forum on Investment attraction mechanism for the sustainable development of Vietnam Renewable Energy, the Organizing Committee of the typical renewable energy project voting program in Vietnam in 2021 by the Environment, Education and Science Advisory Council under the Central Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in collaboration with the Business Forum Magazine under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) awarded the Certificate of the Top 10 Typical renewable Energy projects in Vietnam in 2021, including 02 projects namely Hoa Hoi Solar Power Plant in Phu Yen and V1-2 Wind Power Plant in Tra Vinh invested by the joint venture of Truong Thanh Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company (TTVN Group) and Thai partners as follows:

Hoa Hoi Solar Power Plant was invested by the Joint Venture of TTVN Group and B. Grimm Power Co., Ltd (Thailand) through the project enterprise, which is Phu Yen TTP Joint Stock Company. The plant is located in Hoa Hoi commune, Phu Hoa district, Phu Yen province with the installed capacity of 257MWp and total investment capital of VND 4,985 billion and put into commercial operation on 10 June 2019; It is the largest single solar power plant in Vietnam and also one of the largest one in Southeast Asia with the installation of 752,640 PV panels that directly convert the sunlight into electrical energy, thereby it reduced the emission of 123,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year; the project received a “green loan” valued at USD 186 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and it is the first certified green loan of Vietnam; Phu Yen TTP Joint Stock Company was voted as “the best solar power developer in 2019” by the International Finance Magazine from the United Kingdom.

The V1-2 Wind Power Plant with capacity of 48 MW invested by the Joint Venture of Truong Thanh Vietnam Group Joint Stock Company and Sermsang Power Corporation Public Company Limited (Thailand) was granted the Investment Policy Decision (for the first time) in April 2019, it was assigned to Truong Thanh Tra Vinh Wind Power Joint Stock Company (a project enterprise) to directly implement. The project commenced the construction in August 2020 and was built on a land and sea area about 209.2 hectares in Truong Long Hoa commune, Duyen Hai town, Tra Vinh province and put into commercial operation on 21 October 2021; the average annual power output generated to the grid is estimated at 162.97 million kWh; the power generation technology of the plant does not generate wastes that affect the environment; besides the environmental protection solutions were applied to minimize the pollution on land, water, air and ecosystems during the construction period. When the project is put into operation, it will annually contribute about VND 45-50 billion to the local budget and create many new job opportunities for local people where the project is located.

With the construction solution of monopile pile foundation (single steel pile of 5.5m diameter) bolted to the wind tower through a flange, it shortened the construction time for the foundation of the wind turbine down to 04 days/ pillar foundation (the solution of prestressed concrete pile foundation system (multi-pile) that is being applied in most wind power projects in Vietnam often takes a long construction time). The experience of the V1-2 project is pioneering and can be applied to significantly shorten the construction time for offshore wind power projects.

Although the Project was implemented at a very complicated time of the Covid-19 epidemic that caused numerous difficulties due to the disruption of the global supply chain bringing about the delay in the import and transportation of input equipment, social distancing and medical isolation measures were applied, that caused many obstacles to the entry of foreign experts and the mobilization of local human resources of investors and contractors; it also took more time for the competent authorities to handle the related procedures…, however, with the high determination and dynamism of the Investor and the project enterprise, along with the support and facilitation from the relevant ministries and departments, local and central governments at all levels, the V1-2 Wind Power Plant project has been completed as scheduled and it is also the first offshore wind power project in Tra Vinh Province; It contributed to the implementation of the Government’s double goals of controlling the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to develop the economy in the current situation.

With accumulated experience and capability, TTVN Group has been researching and developing new renewable energy projects in many localities across the country. 141414141Ms. Dao Thi Thanh Hien, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of TTVN Group received the certificate at the award ceremony



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