Truong Thanh Vietnam from Investment Newspaper’s perspectives

On 03 August 2020 in the category of the Central Highlands – Central Region Green Energy Overview, the Investment Newspaper posted an article by author Binh Minh named “Truong Thanh Vietnam: a hat trick of solar power in the Central Region”. The main contents of the article was summarized as follows:


Truong Thanh Vietnam Group and Sermsang Power Corporation (Thailand) put into operation of 50MW Binh Nguyen Solar Power Project in Quang Ngai with total investment capital of VND 1,138 billion in early June 2019.

The event was remarked by Mr. Nguyen Tang Binh – Deputy Chairman of Quang Ngai Provincial People’s Committee as “the fundament to demonstrate Quang Ngai has a great potential of renewable energy”. Therefore, Mr. Binh proposed the investors to study and expand the investment and effective and sustainable utilization of the solar source to respond to the renewable energy development.

“The province will continue to support and create all favorable conditions for Truong Thanh Quang Ngai high-tech and energy JSC to continue operating, developing and becoming bigger and.” said Mr. Binh.

From Quang Ngai, Truong Thanh Vietnam Group moved to Binh Dinh and invested in Cat Hiep Solar Power Project (Phu Cat District). The pioneering project in Binh Dinh put into operation since June 2019. If Binh Nguyen Solar Power Plant is the cooperation between Truong Thanh Vietnam and Sermsang Power, Cat Hiep Solar Power Plant Project is the “engagement” between Truong Thanh Vietnam Group and Quadran International Group (France). Total investment capital of the Project of VND 1,139 billion, power output of 76,500 MW/year actualized Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee Ho Quoc Dung’s desires, “The Project was put into operation is a premise for the development of solar power plant project in the entire province”.

“Binh Dinh has a potential of solar power, the clean power output from the solar power when connecting to the grid has contributed to the increase in the output of the national power grid, utilize the renewable energy, increase the local budget” acknowledged Mr. Ho Quoc Dung.

Not only Binh Dinh, Truong Thanh Vietnam Group also opened up the solar power potential in Phu Yen with Hoa Hoi Solar Power Project. The Project was carried out in a joint venture with B. Grimm Group of Thailand, the investment capital of VND 4,985 billion marked the third largest project in the country with total area of about 256 ha, designed capacity of 257MW.

Mr. Tran Huu The – Deputy Chairman of Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee said Hoa Hoi Solar Power Project is an important milestone of the new energy

development program of Phu Yen. The priority of using clean energies substitute the traditional energies will contribute to mitigate the environmental pollution speed and secure the national energy.

The completion of the “three solar power projects” in the Central Region with total capacity of 357 MWp helped Truong Thanh Vietnam Group become one of the top three leading enterprises in Vietnam, accounting for nearly 8% of the renewable power generation market share of the entire country. In the next plan, Truong Thanh Vietnam Group continues focusing on the renewable energy with wind power projects and rooftop solar power projects with the objectives of development of about 100MW wind power and 30-40MW rooftop solar power from now to 2021. The plan is a part of the overall strategy of Truong Thanh Vietnam Group in the upcoming time in order to continue developing thousands of MW of wind power and solar power; at the same time to cooperate with the experienced and qualified partner to implement LNG project. To implement this plan, representative of Truong Thanh Vietnam said: “We would like to continue to receive the support and facilitation from the local governments in the progress of development and investment of the projects”.


The exploitation of solar energy, wind energy and wave energy are the common trend in the world, which is more and more urgent and attracts the interests of the governments and enterprises including experienced foreign enterprises with financial and operational capabilities. To identify the opportunity, Truong Thanh Vietnam Group “has engaged” with large groups from Thailand, France, USA, Russia and Japan for the development, investment and construction of the renewable energy projects. It not only helped Truong Thanh Vietnam Group heighten his position and reputation in the domestic market but also be known by a lot of international investors to establish a cooperative relationship. It is very advantageous for the Group to aim at the target of reaching out to the region.



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