TTVN Group officially energizes two solar power plant projects

TTVN Group is rushing to complete the construction and put into operation the existing solar power plant projects, of which in May, two of the projects include Binh Nguyen Solar Power Plant and Cat Hiep solar power plant.

Impulse energizing is the energizing stage of technical acceptance to ensure the safety of power transmission lines and substations of the plant’s control system. This is the first step for the commercial operation of electricity generation.

Binh Nguyen solar power project was built on the land of Binh Nguyen commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. With a capacity of 49,608MW, the electricity output is estimated at 77,000MW/year, the national connection voltage is 110kV. Within only 6 months from the start of construction, the project has completed the construction and is expected to COD nearly 1 month before the deadline of the FIT price. Binh Nguyen solar power plant has energized and integrated into the 110kV line from the plant to Doc Soi station. This is the first project of TTVN Group to power on impulse, which will soon be inaugurated in early June.




Workers’s plant during construction

Another solar power plant project of TTVN that has officially been turned on is Hoa Hoi Solar Power Plant. With the third largest scale in the country with a total area of about 256 hectares, the designed capacity is 257 MWp. This is identified as one of the key projects in the overall planning of the socio-economic development of Phu Yen province.




Overview of the scale of Hoa Hoi Solar Power Plant

TTVN Group is a multi-industry business unit that especially focuses on clean energy projects such as solar energy, wind energy… The two projects which were continuously energized and integrated into the inverter grid earlier than the project deadline, confirm the potential and enhance the prestige of TTVN. The projects after being put into operation will contribute to economic growth in the area, creating more sources of income for people.


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